Why Us

Bored working ....Pissed off with daily routine schedules ?? Every Day Rat Race ... Must be making your weekends tiring & monotonous ...One needs to escape & step out from your comfort zone to start a week with more enthusiasm & zest... A thrilling,refreshing & pleasing weekend & that too in affordable cost & keeping safety as a major priority, so what's say ?? Forever Hikes guarantees to deliver you a lifetime adventure with a special adventure insurance & that will leave u behind with lots of unforgettable memories for decades with a soothing refreshment !!

"Journeys that make you a Storyteller" is the theme line of Forever Hikes which always reflects in our every adventure activity that we organise.Along with delivering satisfaction,enthusiasm & uniqueness one can expect safety & discipline in our every act we conduct by our team experts .... Our decades of long experiences are backed by our personal researches,deep knowledge & surveys on the overall surroundings which creates a special bonding & relation between our team by the TRAVELLERS .... Just one outing & hike with Forever Hikes and we are sure you will never go apart n stay connected with us for a LIFETIME ...... So you are most welcome to our family !!

Our Aim & Vision

To plan & execute exciting & innovative plans effectively To be an epitome of happiness,enthusiasm,thrill,fun & never before unique experiences for thousands of like minded travellers To take your foot steps at the less explored destinations To bring together like minded enthusiasts from all around the globe & deliver them with new thrilling activities Value for Money & Service Being the Best in terms of Safety with a Special Adventure Insurance ..